Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mold Welding and Custom Metal Fabrication

Metal Stamping dies break and crack.
Laser Welding Services and Custom Fabrication Michigan

That’s the nature of the beast. A tool that stamps out an entire door panel is going to need to be maintained and repaired.

Engineering changes happen.

A tool die or interior panel mold needing changes after manufacturing has begun is more common than most manufacturers would like, but laser welding can be a good solution to a costly problem. And it’s almost always cheaper to have those changes done with Accurate Welding than designing and fabricating a new mold or die.

But not every welding shop is capable of doing the kind of welding needed to make engineering changes or tool and die repairs. And most don’t have the kind of equipment or experienced laser welders to do the jobs right.

Custom Metal Fabrication and Laser Welding Michigan
Laser welding can make repairs and changes on tools large and small. It uses very little heat relative to traditional welding and leaves little or no distortion.

Compared to gas metal arc welding, laser welding is faster, has a much lower distortion rate, and only requires a single pass for two-sided welding. When you pair laser welding up against resistance welding you get less debris buildup, better reach into inaccessible areas and a faster job times.

It’s this level of speed and precision that you get when you send your molds and dies in for laser welding services at Accurate Welding. With four laser welding stations, plus an experienced and certified team of laser welders, we can get dozens of welding die changes or mold welding repairs done very fast, even up against some of the most time-critical deadlines.

Check out our laser welding videos and see firsthand how efficient and accurate our mold and die laser welding process is.

Contact us today and we’ll answer your questions and help you find the ideal solution for your welding needs!


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